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MTN EverydayGigs, a new data product, was not doing as well as intended. It was not popular, and many MTN customers didn’t know much about the offer at all. We need to gather attention, create awareness and showcase the function and perks of EverydayGigs bundles.


People view buying and loading data as admin-heavy, boring, expensive, etc. To encourage more users to buy/reload data, we need to show them how easy it is. In addition, we need to make clear just how easy, rewarding and affordable this specific data product is.


EverydayGigs is your everyday life made easy. we showcase normal, relatable people turning their routine and all its elements into trickshots: exciting and oh so easy, just like the product. Plus, trick shot videos are easily watchable, replayable, and shareable on social.


Create an exciting, humorous TVC that showcases the full offering of Fidelity Services Group, creates brand love, and increases recall.


Fidelity Services Group doesn’t half-ass anything. Even in the most stressful, dangerous situations, the Fidelity team rise to the challenge.


The Fidelity badge means never shying away from a challenge ­– being beyond dedicated. Even the most unassuming among us become extraordinary when they adopt the Fidelity ethos.